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Inappropriate comic book covers

It's been a rough weekend, and so in order to brings some chuckles, raise some eyebrows and make some people hot under the collar, some covers to comics of yesteryear that appear to be not-so-innocent, courtesy of Maxim magazine.

Captain Cold sold the pics to the tabloids and made a TON of money.


Bondage? Rainbows? Muscles? Promises of fantasies fulfilled?

"When the Lilliputians had found Cap, his penis had been so traumatized that it went back into his body cavity, and he passed out from the pain. So they took him to the Maw, where the resident healer would have to ..."

The next panel shows the results of what happened with the angered lad, the viciously sharp knife and the prankster.

World's Finest....oh so fine....

That will always get your undivided attention, allowing Batman to walk up and land a haymaker....

More on their link.
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Was attempting to swallow a pill as I scrolled down, and when I hit that last one -- Ow, freakin' ow, man...