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Shockingly Enough, Yet More Fancomics

Gonna start you off with an older one, since I've been really busy recently, but I like to post these in threes.


I actually have no problem with Emma Frost. I like her a lot as a character. My problem is with writers forgetting all the crap Emma put Storm through when she was a villain. There was an issue a while back of Uncanny X-men, I think, in which Ororo gives Emma relationship advice. Given their history, it seemed like a pretty weird thing to do. It smacks of putting Emma in the place of Jean, which has been being done a bit more than I'd like and is kinda disrespectful towards both characters. There are people Jean was close to that Emma is not.

And since we're dealing with things that bother me personally...


This is something that has irked me for a while and I'll admit to using Booster as a mouthpiece here. There's nothing wrong with guys being physical in a platonic way. It's sad that we live in a society that's so homophobic that the simple act of guys holding hands is noteworthy. Seriously. Everyone should have the right to be physical.


Titans is getting even worse. I mean, the last issue was just so, so, UGH. Why do they hate the Marvel family? Why?

Isis is vaguely evil again, Amon is both useless and sad, and Billy and Mary can't do anything. For a few years now, we just get the same story, over and over again.

So, yep. My toss in the thursday hat. Hope you enjoyed them and if not, well, sorry guys.

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