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Fear Itself Prologue: Book of the Skull

So the first chapter of Fear Itself is out, and it starts with Sin, the new Red Skull, and Baron Zemo(Allegiance Currently Unknown) tracking down one of the original Red Skull's hidden bases.

Zemo is only helping Sin to honor a debt. They get through the base's defense and find what Sin was after.

Flash back to 1942, with the Skull and his Thule Society having just performed a ritual to summon an unspoken(though we can assume from what we've been told about Fear Itself, Norse) power. A bolt of lightning streaks across the sky and the Skull is upset it hasn't landed at their feet. Whatever they summoned will have to be found.

The next day Captain America, Bucky, and Namor show up and Namor is none too happy to find what's been done to his people. They try to track down the Skull, who has found where the lightning struck.

A large crater made by an object sent to Earth through lightning that cannot be budged? Sound familiar?

The three members of the Invaders give chase to Skull but are stopped by an Ice Troll(I believe - not up on my Thor characters, but I think that's what it is) that appears to have come to Earth with the item the Skull summoned.

I won't spoil what actually came to Earth or what happens in the present after Sin finishes relaying this tale(though what came to Earth definitely seems to be a bigger story point, even though solicitations for the miniseries seems to make it obvious).

Forgive me if I did this wrong, as it's my first post.
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Well, of course, but given Turtlefu's suggesting that this is a bit of a lift of HB, I was just drawing up the most obvious parallels.