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How Tony Stark and Dr. Doom interact with their employees.

Greetings True Believers!

Here are a couple of pages from a 1981 issue of The Invincible Iron Man.

I picked it up on a whim at C2E2 and I'm glad I did.

Enjoy Doom's cross-time learning annex and Tony's "fashion sense"!

As Iron Man, Tony stops some pirates from hijacking a ship filled with Starktech bound for Latveria. Tony is pissed, so pissed he forgot his gold medallion to go with is open shirt.

Meanwhile, Doom is increasing his knowledge of the mystic arts.

Turns out you were fighting a Doombot? Where was Victor? Hopping up and down the time-stream on a magical training-montage. Why, because that's how DOOM rolls!

Doom also knows how to encourage his minions/employees.

Later Tony travels to Latervia and he and Victor battle. That Hauptmann dude turns the time cube on and sending them both hurtling back in time. He smashes it and Tony and Doom end-up in Camelot. Victor doesn't manage to take over but he does get Morgan Le Fay's digits which he puts to good "use".
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A Doombot like it always is.
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Then why does Tony think that Latveria has a better ruler than Doom at that time? If it was a Doombot, there's no difference.