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Action Comics # 579

Superman and Jimmy Olsen are sent back in time to Gaul (France) in the year 253 AD by an evil druid.

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"Bulwinkelmus" and "Rockix"? Really?
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It's not MUCH worse than Asterix or Obelix. :)
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Oh, Keith Giffen...did you forget comics were supposed to be bleak and unrelentingly grim? Of course, this WAS 1986, but still. :)
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Well, he had to do something to get the "Grim & Gritty Legion" out of his teeth, yes?
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Nice intricate referencing - as I recall, the Soothsayer in Asterix who that evil character is based on was named 'Prolix'.
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L'Officier loves this kind of stuff. He's one of the most active contributors to the French "Wold Newton" community.
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Ha! This is wonderful.
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you misspelled Randy's last name.

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Well, nice to see American comics give homage to Franco-Belgian comics.

...Now, it's a shame that the author of Asterix not only did not return the homage, but his more recent story actually gives a "Take That" to American comics, Superman in particular.
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I love this so much. Vive Astérix!

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Ah yes, the issue that the creator of Asterix threatened DC with a massive lawsuit over if it was ever reprinted in any way, shape or form...
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C'est génial!