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The Spidey Project, now for your pleasure! Also, trollface Hulk...

Mostly because I can't believe no-one else posted this here yet, but the Spider-Man Musical is here! Not the extravagant, multi-million dollar flop of a production, but the small, one-night only $0 production that came together in 28 days and STILL released on time. Under the cut, you'll find all 4 parts. You might want to set it to 480p at the least, because the sound quality isn't the best, but it is what we got!

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Final Act!

Some thoughts and legality right here!

Well, I liked the Spidey project. It wasn't perfect, but for the price, it's pretty damned amazing. The songs are good, the actors competent, and they do something that even the Marvel comics have had a hard time with lately: capturing the spirit of Spider-Man. They add a lot of humor into it which sometimes works better in some places than others (I've never been a fan of the "awkward sex talk" joke). Still, the guy playing Spider-Man has some great solos, and the Chipotle song is as good as people have been talking about. My recommendation: SEE IT! Mostly because Marvel/Buena Vista is sure to pull it in the next 24 hours. you could do worse with an hour of your life, people.

For legality, the very real trollface Hulk, as reported by The Daily Geek! Oh, lulz.

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And now my day is complete. Somebody icon that pronto.
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I love you.
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I'm surprised no one ever tried this for Will Eisner's The Spirit.
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I'm not wildly partial to musicals or anything... That said, the Chipotle song was great, the number that started act 3 was brilliant, and I laughed out loud, no acronym, at the minor villains bit. Very fun, all around.

Sure, it wasn't without flaws, but from what I've seen and heard about the Broadway one? These people have a future. The big budget musical, meanwhile, is destroying Taymor's.

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Well I thought it was pretty super! It captures the spirit, for sure, and all of the songs were actually pretty good. I liked the creative "effects", and the costuming, too.

Trollface Hulk is good to look at.
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Hulk is a natural for the troll face!