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I've done a series of little Ms. Marvel vignettes with some cool bits from her second solo series.

The main reason why I'm into Carol is based on her life post House of M, leading into her Best of the Best arc.

Carol Danvers is an alcoholic. She's stuck as a B or C-list Avenger, just pottering about in the superhero leagues. She spends her free time on the couch, watching old movies and eating Ben and Jerry's. Her life is not going the way that she intended.

Then, Wanda Maximoff recreates the world and Carol Danvers arrives in the the House of M (which is probably my favourite Marvel "event" since the event cycle started). Carol is the number 1 sapien superhero in the world. Captain Marvel is successful and popular. She's got everything that she ever wanted.

This is the framing device for Giant Size Ms. Marvel #1 - Carol dealing with not being in the House of M any more.

In the book, she goes and fights Warren Traveller, a sorcerer who's her arch-nemesis in House of M (and in the first few issues of Reed's book). When the fight is over (won when she throws a cat at him), Carol goes back to her press conference.

There's a guest there who is ready to change her life.

Why I like Carol - she recognises that she doesn't like her life, that she has potential to be so much more than she is just now and she makes an effort to be the person that she wants to be.

I discovered this title at a time when I really identified with this character. She's genuinely a role model for me, though some people scoff at the idea.

Carol Danvers is the antithesis of foul bachelor frog

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Yea. "I'm going to be the best! Then I'm going to join the bad guy side of a big event, have a series, but really don't do anything world shaking..."

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If it had been done well, sure. But even with that I can't picture her on the side of pro-reg as it was actually portrayed.

It wouldn't been a great chance for her to say, "This is BS! I'm pro-reg, but your methods are out of line!" and try and really be the best.


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