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Wonder Woman

So they have apparently decided to redo the Wonder Woman costume from the new television show.  I honestly think I liked the shiny better.


And for legality, I'm going to hug my Mr. Dodson version of Wondy.

 What do you think?

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That and honestly, I can't see how bad it would be for the man to for once hear what people actually think of his work. Instead of having it either sugarcoated to him, or to see it on an anonymous Internet blog which he could easily shrug off.

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If you can't see why it's not bad to go to a party where you know people who work on Wonder Woman are in attendance to loudly nerdrage about its creator? It goes back to the first comment I made, I can sleep very easy at night.

Comic book fans just don't seem to really "get" that the industry is just that, an industry. And like every other industry it requires a sense of professionalism. If you have a problem with something the solution isn't some out loud nerdrage debacle where a creator can easily be within earshot. But then again I'm pretty sure that one chick who ranted at Grant Morrison mid-pannel because of J-Todd in last year's NYCC probably came from these exact parts so who am I kidding.
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I'm not a professional in comics, and I have no interest in ever becoming one. But I do believe in only typing online, what I'd say in real life as well.

As such, if I ever were at a party where Joe Quesada or Dan Slott were present, I'd make sure to tell them to their face why they destroyed Spider-Man and how glad I am to see the sales numbers for the title dropping more with every issue.

I already told Slott on a forum that I would do so if I ever were to see him in real life, because I don't believe in putting up a front of fake politeness to someone who doesn't deserve it.

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But I do believe in only typing online, what I'd say in real life as well.

Ahahahaha. Awesome.

You remind me of that chick that waddled onstage in NYCC or onesuch during a pannel with Grant Morrison to list off every crime he and Tony Daniels had committed, even when she'd been going on for like ten minutes and security had to escort her off. Understand I also don't like the works of these people but this was a horrific moment and I was embarrassed while half a country away, but I'm sure at the time in that chick's head she thought she was living a dream much like yours. (The only difference her display made was that she was a joke for the next couple of weeks.)

She, and people with similar attitudes, are generally laughing stocks and not taken seriously. So if fantasies of somehow being a party with Quesada and getting to tell him off to his face, in a show I'm sure you'd expect would illicit nothing but the worst hurt imaginable upon him and sheer awe on your roaring applauding audience, get you through the day, hey. More power to you. But in real life were such a thing to happen, as it has often times, all you'd become is another punchline about a crazy fan with the boys at the bar at three in the morning and a story told to an audience less applauding and more nauseated at the sheer childishness of some people.

Sometimes I think the thing is a lot of the people here think the industry is unaware of fans like you guys, and your opinions. Quite the opposite, you guys make for some fantastic joke and horror-story off among professionals when asked about which are the worst fans they've encountered.

In terms of writing the only difference guys like you make is a bad one, to be honest. When young, inexperienced writers pander to an audience that views comics as their childhood and want their pet characters to be nothing but coddled and nothing bad ever to befall them or for them to be seen in a bad light (Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Harley damn Quinn, etc, etc,) stories stagnate. While I agree in comics there are some stinkers, and your example of Quesada's Spiderman run is a very good example of one such stinker, the basic concepts of good storytelling like conflict and structure and pace go so far over this place's head sometimes that I quickly learned why professionals are best to ignore you guys. And after getting to talk to some older, more affluent writers I was actually relieved to see they agree. They know about you guys, they know what upsets you guys, but they also know to pander to the needs of a people who think their and only their canon is above all others would be to put good storytelling at risk and frankly it's not worth it. You're a minority within a minority of a market, for one, for two, most of this place's wants kinda blow storytelling wise.

They're not fanfiction writers, they're writers. Good or bad, they're writers. There is a million worlds of difference between the two. What scans_daily wants is a fanfiction writer to write their fantasies where everyone frollics and gets along and all is well and magical and maybe Tim Drake takes it up the butt from Jason Todd and Cassandra Cain is in every panel watching, but people's fantasies aren't exactly conducive to good storytelling. While I'm sure tons of people here would buy the shit out of what I just described to take home to their parent's basement to masturbate furiously for an afternoon, most people- part of that elusive wider, non nerd market that the industry desperately needs- would look at that and wonder 'who the fuck are these people and why should I care they're all fucking and happy?' and never pick up a comic again.
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Hm never thought my story written while sleep deprived would elicit responses.

The worker who made the comments is the sweetest guy and had no idea who was going to be there, the whole gathering was very laid back. Hell you could call it a kick back. The rant didn't come from the fact that he was a crazed wonder woman fan but more from a feminists view point. (he likes tearing into characters =/ )

Up until this post I whole heartedly agreed with what you were saying. Some fans out there take their opinion way to far. I've seen a fight break out in my comic shop because of the opinion on Final Crisis. Nerdiest fight ever simply because it started over a comic book. That kind of zeal over characters can be detrimental for the relationship between the fans and the writers. For example when gail simone was flamed right out of Scans Daily for committing the tired "bury your gays" trope. Later revealed that it wasn't as it seemed.

NOW, your last paragraph. This is scans_daily. It is a community where it states in the beginning:
Founded by girl geeks and members of the slash fandom, scans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free.
What we like or who we are is specific, rare in a sexist media outlet but we remain reading because we love comics. What we like isn't mainstream for the most part. Just like any other comic forum online. I can't understand why you keep insulting this community when most of the details on the story weren't given, or when many of the responses here have been simply "lol" or stated their opinion without blurting out a curse word, something real common in mainstream forums.
Now if that still offends you, us being way nerdy (and by the looks of it from other posters, loaded with income) with our comic preferences, go back to the industry and your Motrin induced sleep.

Now i'm just going to be avoiding this entire website for a few weeks since i'm bound to get kicked out for this rant =/