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"They are ants Will. They ARE ants."
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I know I know that reference, but I can't place it. Please tell me before it drives me mad. Mad! Mad, I tell you!
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Fear not, no booby-hatch for you yet.

Family Guy, Bill Gates and Will Eisner flying jet-packs.
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Thank you.
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Has anyone pointed out that Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan, and his relation to "Super-Man," is very heavily inspired by or a parody of(or commentary on the deeper psychological meaning of) exactly this stuff?

Besides me, I mean.
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I'm beginning to think the real reason that eyeglasses business works to fool everybody is that everyone around Superman has serious psychological traumas, flashbacks, memory loss, PTSD, and derangements as a result of Supes constantly messing with their heads.
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So everyone in the DCU is insane because Superman screwed with their lives to protect his identity, but now there's no clear definition of good and evil so he continues to go through the paces solely to entertain himself?

....oh damn, yeah, book it, I'll read that.
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Okay, so I've always been totally comfortable with the idea that everyone thinks Clark Kent is just a guy who happens to really look like Superman and manages to turn running all over the city poking his nose into everything into great headlines, (which is a laugh and absolutely nothing even scraping the middle third in the ranking of Weird Shit That Happens Before Breakfast In Metropolis). But now the idea of Supes dicking with everyone's heads to make them doubt the line between reality and fantasy has been introduced, and from now on I shall take this as personal canon. It's just too Superdickeryesque to not be awesome.