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Four scans from this week's Exiles #2.

So the Nu-Exiles have arrived in an alternate Genosha, tasked with helping Wolverine, but instead find Wolverine's head on a pike and Magneto triumphant.  They take a look at the history of the island, and find that in this reality Professor X and Magneto made their relatioship work and formed the X-Men together along Xavier's lines, drawing in members of groups like the Brotherhood and the Hellfire Club.  In the "can't win for losing" category, this united mutant front just made people more suspicious of them, and Sentinels killed Professor X, leaving Magneto to carry on alone (and hook up with Moira, whose wedding is nigh).  After Xavier's assassination, war broke out, and regular heroes led by Captain America sided with the government against them.  Eventually, they gave mutantkind Genosha to live in, but have been trying to nuke it since.  They aren't sure why Wolverine was trying to get rid of Magneto.

The Exiles decide to infiltrate the royal palace by swapping in their Wanda and Lorna (who, since they grew up with dad in this reality, are bitchy rivals and hate each other) for the AU Wanda and Lorna:

Wanda and Jean being friends seems to be an idea that Parker is really fixed on, between this and First Class.

Team B heads off to take out Lorna.  They select Panther to make the stealthy KO, but he apparently quails at the last second at hitting such a pretty face, and hits on her instead.  Forge and Polaris intervene, and an extended battle between the two Lornas over hitting each other witH Forge's metal arm ensues...

Hilariously, they're given away by Polaris not wearing the black dress like gossipy Jean earlier read she would.

Date: 2009-05-13 08:42 pm (UTC)
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Actually it says if he entered the island but since they were teleported in it seems likely they bypassed that. Of course we could presume they have such scanners in the city as well though since it'd be silly not to.

Still it'd be fun to see him suddenly activate his X-Gene somehow.


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