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Mei Ling ([personal profile] wonderwomanhero) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily2011-04-04 11:09 am

In which Betsy Braddock (no co.) spills the beans to her brother about how she killed a child...

Hello fellow S_D'ers! How are thee today? It is I, Lucrezia Borgia. I give you a few scans from Uncanny X-Force #6

I love Brian's o_0 face in the last panel. Also, what the heck is with the character designs in the second panel? Her nose, good god, the nose.

Oh my god, these facial expressions are priceless. I'm betting someone is going to icon them, lol.

DUN DUN DUN! It was all a not-technically-fake Danger Room setup! What do you guys think about Betsy and Warren rekindling their relationship? I suppose it's okay, if anything to erase what was left of the godawful Neal Shaara relationship...

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