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B.P.R.D. - the Dead Remembered

God, 5 years into this and I can't believe I am the big B.P.R.D. proponent for Scans_daily.
Anyhow, I ramble on.

Comic Book Resources has the preview for the upcoming one-shot of young Liz Sherman's first outing with the B.P.R.D.

The solicit:
Three years after accidently burning her family alive, 14-year-old firestarter Liz Sherman travels with Professor Broom to investigate a small New England town, where a terrible witch hunt occurred and a ghost plagues a priest’s house.

I'm dying to see where the bonds where forged when these characters the bonds that they would rely on one another to get them in an out of literal hell and back.
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I like Liz. Might check this one out.
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And the Hellboy universe of books continues to be some of the best, most consistently well-written books at a mainstream publisher. In an industry where continuity is something fans scream about and the Big Two seem to enjoy manipulating as they see fit, Mignola and the teams on these books deserve some kind of medal. This is looking great, and I've been anticipating this since they announced a Liz-focused mini back at one of last year's Cons.

Also, if I'm not mistaken - The Dead Remembered is a miniseries of about four or five parts, not a one-shot. Dark Horse's solicits have featured it and Jo Chen's lovely covers for a few months, now.
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I'm so glad Mike was talked out of killing Liz when the whole thing with Roger happened. Glad to see these kinds of stories being made.
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I love how much faith Hellboy has in people since he was surrounded by a number of incredibly good people, enough that even with the millions who would hate him on sight, he's still so optimistic.
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He and Nightcrawler would probably have got on well.