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.... dickery

The one thing that pissed me off in Avengers: the Children's Crusade #5

People acting like Vision has no feelings.

Okay, so I gave in. I thought, Cassie's an okay character. Given, my least favorite character, but an okay character nonetheless.


Nate, I forgive, since he's not quite totally aware that 1) Vision got newfangled feelings and humanity and 2) He was dating Cassie. I think.

Cassie, on the other hand, drops Vision like a hot potato as soon as Iron Lad drops in, forgetting that Vision--NO, JONAS, LOVED HER.

:I Cassie, you are dead to me. Dead to me.


Okay, rant over. Disregard all that I said up there, or most, anyway, since it's a rage-filled opinionated thingie. Unless, you know, you agree with me, at which point we can rant together.

I know Cassie hasn't done that yet but as of yet, she's still being insensitive to Jonas' feelings. I know she's not a total dick, but she still has dickery tendencies that I cannot let pass without them getting called out.

TBH Cassie's character has not appealed to me all that well. She was cruel to her mother, to her stepfather, she decided after two hours that Nate was her boyfriend... She is a brat. A brat with good qualities, but with the essential qualities of a brat, all the same.

Poor Jonas. He is his own person, dear god, and they treat him like a prop.


And okay, so I laughed at the idea, even the suggestion, that Vision would go to Wanda again. Really, Nate, really?
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Having been a responsible fourteen-year-old myself, I totally get you on the "oh my god, there are SO MANY WAYS that you could make this easier on yourself" front, and you definitely don't have to like her. I'm mostly playing the "mitigating circumstances" card because I 'ship her and Jonas and I want them to be happy (after the two of them have a talk about this whole "Nate" thing, of course!)

Yeah, for all Cassie's life looks pretty normal now, it's been a very wild and strange ride in the past. I mean, she once got absorbed by a robot, and her first boyfriend spent some time thinking that he was Doctor Doom!
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Don't forget, Jonas also passed his crush on Cassie onto Victor Mancha and Chase Stein!

Cassie has a robo- and armored harem!
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Cassie's history as robo-catnip is pretty well established, all the way back to the Super-Adaptoid and Kristoff, and at least one version of her MC2 version ends up in some kind of relationship with Mainframe. Another viable code name for her would be Iron Maiden.