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Adventure Comics 525, and an alt cover for New Mutants 25

My LCS didn't have this in stock, so a couple of pages, courtesy of CBR from their preview as Phil Jimenez.

As it's a new comic this week, I'll stick to the two page rule, it seems only fair,

But since covers don't count... That remains an awesome outfit for Dragonwing...

Also note in the bottom left box is the Legion's resident medic Dr Gym'll (He makes Bones McCoy look like little Miss Mary Sunshine, but he's a great character) with Variable Lad.

It appears that Chemical Kid has been ambushed by Alchemical Girl, who is also from his homeworld and who has the same powers as he does, which should be impossible. His Dad appears involved somehow... I include this page largely for the fabulous hairstyle Alchemical Girl is sporting...

Oh, and Glorith kicking ass.

And this page I had to include for actually managing to out Coruscant Coruscant at the Metropolis Spaceport!

Mr Jimenez does seriously kick arse work on this title

And this is also from CBR, a cover variant for New Mutants #25 (New creative team, new direction, etc etc) just because I think it's pretty!

The gangs all here

And I think that IS everyone, since it even has a familiar canine face down in the corner... could this mean we'll see the return of Rahne?

X-23, Psylocke Selene! And Empath in a Hellions outfit? I'm not sure who that is behind Sunspot, but I think it's the soldier who was running the military base in Limbo from their last arc (an underappreciated story IMHO, which I should post some from)

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At one point I think all of the New Mutants were Hellions. After they were killed by the Beyonder right?

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Not really, I just remembered seeing that picture that had both teams in the Hellions uniforms.