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While I highly doubt Adrian Tomes will ever make anyone's top 20 villain lists (or even 50 for that matter) he's still up there for me.

Here's one of his better arcs.

Yup Adian's dying, he got his illness from his body harness. It really doesn't pay to be a supervillain with destructive equipment.

But who is the Vulture talking to? An old crime buddy? The Spectacular Spider-man? One of the other Vultures?

Oh crap.


Backstory: Vulture was responsible for Nathan's (who was with Aunt May at the time) death but he didn't murder him. Vulture tried to take May as a hostage, Nathan grabbed him from behind and had a heart attack when Vulture flew in the air to get his unknown assailant off. Nathan and Adrian Tomes were also friends at the time, they met in the hospital when the Vulture was ill.

Well he got his answer for that. Vulture leaves awestruck and heads for the Bugle

I'm going to post this next scan just for fun

Ah hahaha, I love Spider-man's supporting cast. Good ol' JJJ.

Spidey heads home after confronting the Vulture in the skyline.


I can only afford one more scan so I'll do the one that's iconable. The Vulture comes back to the Parker household with a gun to try and gain forgiveness (yeah even Tomes realizes this is a bad idea and throws the gun to the ground as a gesture). Peter goes ballistic seeing him there accosting Aunt May so he decks him hard...spidey-strength hard. Realizing that he's in danger of betraying his secret identity Peter lets The vulture grab him when he recovers.

Ooo nice stance May!

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Something Sal Buscema was known for.


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