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Here, because you demanded it, is part two of why Ted Kord hated Cameron Scott.

We begin with Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Mr. Miracle gathered in Cap's DC apartment, as Cap confesses the truth about his origins and the deception he pulled on his fellow leaguers and the entire world:

Note that what he says about being guilty until proven innocent is a figure of speech, as that would of course be unconstitutional.  It is the case, however, that courts martial tend to be much more likely to convict defendants.

At this point, we're going to skip ahead a few pages.  A lot happens in this issue, but I can only post seven pages, so I'll have to sum up.  The four of them get a lead on Yarrow that suggests he might have been the victim of foul play.  In the mean time, Cap gets a call from General Hilary with a lead on the Cambodian.  Booster and Mr. Miracle investigate the first lead, while Cap and Beetle pursue the second.

Now, it certainly seems in these last two panels that Ted might be inclined to let bygones be bygones.  In any case, the two of them pursue the Cambodian and interrupt his planned auction of X-ionized weapons.  They fight the Cambodian himself, plus the two bidders, one from South Africa, the other from Bialya.

Now it really looks here like Ted has forgiven Cameron, doesn't it?  I'll say more about this after the last page, because of course the Cambodian has to escape.

Dunh-dunh-dunnnh!  Okay, so the plot has thickened, but it definitely looks like Beetle has forgiven Cap, right?  Except, as we shall see in future scans, Beetle later continues to express deep antipathy for Cap.  It's possible that that might just be a retcon, but I believe that there is reason to believe otherwise.  Remember, the basic rule of Captain Atom is this: there is always another level to the deception.  I suspect that Beetle is only pretending to forgive Cap, in order to turn the tables on him, winning his trust by making him think they're friends now.  Although Beetle, Booster, and Miracle don't play much of a role in the next installment, I think you'll see that there is a clue in part three that Ted may be less than sincere in his forgiveness.
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