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As you may have gathered over my time on Scans_daily, I have something of a penchant for collecting commissioned art. It's great fun and when you get it in person you can chat with the artist and end up with some good memories as well as a nice piece of art.

Even when you're dealing with folks via e-mail (which happens a lot with me as I'm stuck in the UK with fewer convention oportunities and fewer big name artists being available when you do (with some exceptions), it's usually a delightful experience, and I think those of us who partake in such experiences would recommend it for others...

However, there's always some bugger making it harder for the rest of us...

Case in point from bleedingcool.com ... the reason Adam Hughes has decided not to do convention commissions

Adam Hughes partner (and also a damned fine artist Allison Sohn commented)

Thank the piece of shit that moaned and practically wept about needing his Wonder Woman sketch, and today it’s on eBay.

Here’s how things will work going forward. Adam was only able to get 3 sketches done this past weekend- and was was for the S.O.B. that turned around and eBayed it. So now Adam will eBay one sketch per convention day. If its a 2-day show, there will be 2 auctions. 3-day show, there will be three auctions. No more $200 and $400 sketches. Sorry. But if Adam has to kill himself drawing so that some lying slime ball can go home and make a profit off of his hard work, then forget

Maybe it seems harsh, but here’s the reality. I can no longer remember who has a sketch, who has been waiting for one for years, and who is a flipper and who isn’t. I just can’t keep all your names and faces straight. And at a show when
there are 50+ names on the list, I challenge anyone else to do it and not screw up. And when we get home, and my failure in my ability to remember everyone and what their deal with drawings is, is rewarded with eBay flipping, It makes Adam angry and disappointed, and he doesn’t want to sketch at all. So the compromise is if eBay is where they will end up, then eBay is where they will start.

I’m sorry for all those people to whom we said “everyone gets one sooner or later”, because now that probably won’t be the case. But honestly, with the number of people that want art, there’s simply no way we can make everyone happy anymore. And its not worth it to me to see Adam miserable trying to make everyone happy anyway.
In further posts, Alison elaborated;
What bothers me most is how annoyingly persistent the guy was. He lingered, hovered, and made all sorts of stories up about how much he really wanted his sketch. Essentially, he lied and he lied a lot, at the expense of real fans. Adam could have spent that time drawing for someone on the list that really DID want the sketch. I hope this guy chokes.

Whilst I should stress that I don't wish anyone actual physical harm, it does strike me as being a supremely douche-y thing to do, particularly the lying thing... I've never had a chance to get an Adam Hughes Robin (in peril or otherwise), but it would have been nice to think I might!

And an interesting aside about a certain artists tracing tendencies...

Northstar's suffers from Sameface Syndrome?

Northstar looks left... and in the hands of Greg Land, does look suspiciously like Jared Padalecki IMHO. (And lord knows I love me some Jared, but I never quite seem him as Northstar)

Here are a couple of the images they use as evidence, there's more details at the link.

For legality. Starfire (and some other folk in the background) by Adam Hughes

And for those who want a little more than pulchritude... Though we have that too...

Click on that image to go to the CAF gallery.

Date: 2011-05-06 03:00 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sindra
Between this issue, and Apple allowing stolen games to be put on their App store for sale, it's been a bad week for geeks.

Date: 2011-05-07 03:25 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] halloweenjack
That article was pretty ax-grindy, and doesn't note that Apple will indeed pull copycat games when they're notified (although the copycatters of the first game mentioned yanked it when the original publishers decided to take it to the social networks instead). In general, Apple gets held to this ridiculous double standard: if an app is yanked or not approved for a reason that some blogger doesn't agree with, then the App Store is presumed to be this open forum and Steve Jobs an inveterate hater of free speech, and if the App Store approves an app that the blogger doesn't like, or doesn't remove it quickly enough, then Jobs must have personally approved it, in the context of having a deep knowledge of every one of the 300,000+ apps in the store. I'm really only exaggerating a little here.


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