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Hello again my lovelies at Scans_Daily! I am here once again with more Psylocke! Poor Bets needs more love on S_D.... :(
Anyway, here are some wordless images from the upcoming "Dark Angel Saga" in Uncanny X-Force #11.

Ooh....a portal. I wonder where it leads....

Is that Beast? Or Dark Beast? I can't tell....

Oooooh....deserted back alley....and then some epic fire escape climbing action!

Fire escape leads to.....well....this certainly isn't the Hilton. And is that AOA Sabertooth lurking?

Also, I apologize for this, and I am probably the only one that feels this way....but can't the UXF get more females? Poor Bets needs a female teammate. Or something. X-23 is off with Daken I assume, and Domino is.....somewhere. If they could put another female on the team, who do you think would best fit?

Date: 2011-05-09 04:34 am (UTC)
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Beasts 616 is still more feline looking.


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