Date: 2009-05-10 06:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Which leads me to be annoyed he didn't turn out to eventually become the Time Trapper. Which I think would have been a fairly elegant linkage. The most interesting thing about him is his strange existence outside both time and continuity. Every time he finally has The Dream and remembers everything, he wreaks havoc and reality is overwritten, then reverts back again in the end, and no one, not even him, remembers he was ever any kind of threat. He's a walking Elseworld generator.

It might have been interesting if--while in his harmless, non-remembering state--he'd somehow become friends with a minor superhero in their normal identity. (or Johnny Thunder)

Date: 2009-05-10 12:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oooh, he would have been a perfect candidate for Time Trapper. I like that. Make It So.
From: [identity profile]
Except that Geoff Johns made him Emoboy-Prime. Which would be really ooh or ahh if it had been clever, but it's really just arbitrary and pulled out of Johns' ass. Though given the nature of the Trapper perhaps it's entirely possible many might be him. EXCEPT!

The Trapper is already said to be a Controller. And I think the Great Darkness Saga, being that it's liked and remembered, is probably something Johns would like to be following in the tradition of. Well, I found me a torrent of the thing yesterday(and as soon as I can figure out how much I can post, I might, as it's OOP). Darkseid went about stealing power from Legion villains at the beginning, like for instance Mordru, who deserves it as he's an abusive rapist evil wizard.

But guess what! I totally forgot we get to see the Time Trapper after he gets it too, who they had IN CUSTODY. Ultra Boy explains it all for you:
So I guess Johns isn't as much continuity-porny as we thought.
From: [identity profile]
Hmmm, I can see the Trapper looks like a Controller in those shots, but it's hard to see any resemblance with Per Degaton. (Kind of blows that his capture was apparently handled off-panel, though; what a lousy way for a major villain to be brought down.)
From: [identity profile]
No no, I WANTED him to be Degaton. But this is what they have.

I'm pretty sure they stated at some point he was a Controller, and at least as far as they've been shown in Legion comics, apart from size this is it. And that could be explained by his being drained of power here. And this isn't, like John Broome or something: this is Levitz/Giffen, so as far as I've seen from Johns' taste, this is his preferred canon.

Now, granted, even that Legion has been through a couple of overwrites(the science to magic and back again thing that happened around the Crisis) which I believe were the Trapper's doing, but anyway...

Oh, and those guys swathed in darkness in the background of the last panel? Evil duplicates of well-known heroes(including Superboy & Orion) stealing energy for Darkseid. That and the Daxamites resculpting their whole planet into Darkseid's head is one reason today's apocalyptic comics events don't impress me as much.
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, the Great Darkness Saga set the bar pretty high. It would be hard to capture that same sense of anxiety and building tension again today, since it's (officially) Been Done To Death by now.


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