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Valiant Comics, ah the 90's a time of gritty, gritty and Liefeld. During this time many a comic company has surfaced but one of the big ones, the one that somehow made it in top 3 or 4 was Valiant! Admittedly this post was inspired by the Latest Atop the Fourth Wall episode, and while I did not grow up in the 90's but I discovered a love of this really cool universe from my mom when She gave some Shadowman comics after a trip to Hawaii. I will be going over the titles, the history and some of the thing and why this company did some good work at least in the beginning. So let's start with the Creation of the Universe!

Okay This is Taken from Solar Zero Alpha and Omega, now this was published in a back up in Solar 1-10 but it's own story and forms the basis of the Universe, it's 69 pages story wise so here's the last Bit's from the comic itself, and to set up my posts here's the breakdown. I'm showing only the last pages.

Phil was a scientist, who okay I'm going to be fair but the gist is he's Doctor Manhattan who is ....well a bit more human, I know that seems like a strange thing to say but he is. He had a accident and boom god hood. Now this is a attempt at Deconstruction, so it's does not blow over well when as the story goes on he becomes less Human and very arrogant. and this brings something important Phil still cares about his love interest, and still after a battle Phil is weakened and need some energy so here's how well let's just say this isn't really a happy ending.

Ouch nothing like turning into a black hole and destroying the universe as we know it. Valiant was built on many concepts and it may not be everyone's thing but at the same time I love world Building and Valiant did some great work with that. Still to give you idea of what I going to post later on here's the list and a brief synopsis.

Solar-He's a god who want's to be a silver age Superhero!
Harbinger-What if Professor X was evil! Okay he kind of is now a days but what if Peter Parker had psychic powers and was Professor X's enemy!
X-O man of War!- what if Conan the Barbarian became Ironman!
Ninjak-James Bond is a Ninja, and a comparison to his Acclaim counterpart!
Bloodshot-My lampshadeing every 90's antihero cliche ever and to see if this title is actually redeemable.
Archer and Armstrong!- One's a monk the other a immortal drunken brawler together they have wacky adventures and fight crime!
Doctor Mirage-A ghost and his hot wife fight crime!
Magnus-In the 40 century there is only a man a tunic fighting robots!
Rai- This is one I will go over when I get to's complicated I will go over it when I get to it.
HARD CORPS-It's the Suicide Squad...they can't all be winners.
Shadowman-A Jazz Musician becomes a vigilante, and finds out a dark secret about his future.
Unity-A Corssover that really did change everything, and a really great story.
Oh and I'm doing a post on Quantum and Woody I'm sure no one will care about that.

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Valiant had some really good ideas at the start, and I think in the end they really had an impact on the comic landscape of the time.


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