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X-23 #10

Gambit and Laura continue their world wide trip around the world after their misadventures in Madripoor with Daken.

Laura still has issues, and Gambit calls upon Logan for a chat. Someone we know and love comes along.

Now, spoilers for the last *two* pages in the image after the cut, and many a fantasy will be born.

After "the cut".


I guess context is necessary. It's not an attack.... well, not that kind of attack.

Two girls alone at night in Paris. The mood gets intimate, the blood gets hot.
Why fight the urge?


I'LL be in my bunk the rest of the week.

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Normally I love this artist's work, but Laura looks like Tifa and Jubilee looks 10. I want to read it anyway though, because that last page... damn... that last page.