Date: 2011-05-19 12:24 am (UTC)
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An evil Spider-Man has so much more potential though. Carnage wasn't anything like Peter and it makes for a much less interesting killer. Kasady was played as a 90's metalhead with a blood fetish -"Yeah baby! Anarchy! Woo, let's blast the new Guns n Roses while we slit a guy's throat and use his blood to write "sweet child of mine!" at the crime scene! That's DARK!"

It really wasn't, though. It was stupid.

IMO? You want to make an evil Spider-Man, it starts with a mirror not of Spidey but of Peter. The guy who gets the Carnage symbiote isn't Otto from the Simpsons, but a genius bookish, social outcast. Kicked all the way up the ladder, never noticed by girls or guys alike. Make him a devious serial killer who acts as a "hero" during the day, stopping petty supervillains, but also solving his own gruesome murders. Hell, introduce him as someone trying to help Spidey out, then the reveal. Maybe Spidey finds out his civvie identity inadvertently and then starts to piece together that this was a disturbed individual. He doesn't even know that it's been the Carnage symbiote, because this kid was actually batshit insane enough to [tame] it. Then Pete tracks him to his family home home on a hunch, nd finds, I unno, a bunch of victims cocooned up in cacaphony of webbing, being fed on by the kid and his hundreds of pet spiders. That could be a cool story.

Maximum Carnage wasn't. I read it too, I was 10 and the crossover had like every Marvel hero I loved drawing at the time, and a bitching Sega Genesis tie-in. With the nostalgia glasses off, though... it was still dreck.
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