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For me, the problem is this: if you create a 'realistic' framework for your story with some big unrealistic elements, you call direct attention to them...or worse, when you create an explanation for ONE issue, you make any non-addressed issues stand out in a GLARING fashion.

To some degree, the problem is that a realistic narrative about superheroes is at direct odds with a story where stuff is resolved with the punchings. For example: how is Doctor Octopus apparently not only a genius at robotics (and he's implying here that maybe he actually ISN'T, but is a mutant) but also apparently a genius computer hacker? I realize being a black-hat computer security hacker isn't exactly the stuff of page-turners, but it bugs me that somehow Doc Ock just can totally compromise the security of a multi-billion dollar government agency effectively in an hour or two and has total access everywhere. It's the classic 'science is all the same' approach to mad science dudes, basically. For that matter, the same applies to Norman Osborn...apparently he's a master of all business-related fields, everywhere...and by extension, he's also a master politician who can out-maneuver lifelong career politicians who are IN POWER. Never mind that SHIELD apparently took their stupid pills when incarcerating these guys and had exactly ZERO countermeasures for them. (I realize I may have missed the scenes where they defeated them...but seriously, if we're supposed to believe that the collars were the only thing they had, that's just DUMB. Hell, turn on the sprinkler system and electro's a liability or out of commission).

I mean, if that was supposed to be Bush, then the writer clearly doesn't understand how Bush would have handled that situation. He would have likely doubled-down, not turtled up. A president who made it through Abu Ghraib, Blackwater scandals and Guantanamo is somehow going to be threatened that teh public finds out that he's holding six psychopathic super-powered felons in jail? REALLY? Hell, I'd expect any president to hold a press conference to BRAG about it, especially in the MU.

Ultimates was supposed to be a reset of the MU in a modern context without the burden of continuity. Now it's just as encumbered and clumsy as the 616 universe, only with more violence and less charm. There IS stuff to like here, but part of it really says to me "either decide to be a crazy superhero book or be a realistic superhero book...but not BOTH."

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