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For Guy Gardner fans. This was kind of sweet.

So for those of you who haven't been following War of the Green Lanterns, the boys are all wearing different colored rings and trying to get parallax out of the battery to free the rest of the corps. (For those of you that have I know this is way oversimplification but I don't feel like explaining everything.) In order to crack open the battery Ganthet tells them they need all seven colors.

They're interrupted. So Ganthet gets another idea.

So Guy loves his corps. D'aw. I really love the direction they've been taking Guy, especially starting from the Sinestro Corps War. And oddly enough he and Hal have been bonding on some level through this whole thing. I would recommend the whole storyline to everyone (except John's fans. He's been acting weird the whole time. Makes me wonder if they're setting up a story regarding him sometime soon.)


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