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The price the Green Latnern Corps are paying is high for Krona's attempt to usurp and control the Corp from within.

Mega-SPOILERS for the last three pages.

Kyle and Jon have made it to Mogo, who is sending out many Green Lantern rings across the universe, turning fearless and immoral warriors into Green Lanterns, who plow carnage in their home worlds and then move to Oa. With time running out and all of their tricks spent, the duo have to make a hard choice.

Mogo cannot be purified of the Black Lantern infuence of all those Black Lanterns he still contains in his mass, and it hinders Kyle's attempts to purge Parallax's corruption at Mogo's immense core. Kyle still wants to try to save Mogo, but Jon feels that desperate times call for desperate measures. Using the Indigo ring to channel the Black Lantern energy, he does the unthinkable.. again.

Green Lantern Mogo.

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