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FF #4 - and clues to a greater threat

Last issue Valeria Richards explained to the assembled Villains Of the Fanastic Four Who Are Smart why there was no punch and pie offered, even though the invite said punch and pie. And that a threat so big it required all of them to gather and talk about about beating up Reed Richards.

Since I am at my posting limit for this new title, just one last page afterwards... and a strange coincidence I've found.

The conference begins and everyone is concerned as to how to deal with Reed's smarter than the 616 Reed.

The issue ends as there is an alarm at Old Atlantis, as the kingdom of Nemo, I mean the Fish Atlantians are caught in civil war, and the Mole Man and his monsters arrive to aide the rebels.
The War of Four Cities has begun....

Meanwhile, in another universe entirely (but owned by the same company) the Future Foundation's influence is being felt.


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