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Stark Resilient, or whatever Tony's little helpers are called. (part 1)

 I'm still on the quest, you see. Anyways, if there's anybody who cares about this as much as I do, I wanted to make it easier for them. 

So I gathered pages from Invincible Iron Man which focus solely on the team that Tony put together, his motley crew of engineers. What little characterization they have is still pretty fun.

Of the team, we have: 
Carson Wyche
Tim Cababa
L. Pimacher
W. Macken

I like these guys. Honestly, I do. Potential wasted if they don't appear more. My hopes aren't high, but I do have them for the supposed mole storyline Tony seems to be kicking up once more. 

First appearances first. Invincible Iron Man #28. 7 pages. 

Long flight being a total of 16 hours. And that's the shorter route. The longer route is about 18. 

Tony comes back later after a set of.... well, many things. Saving the world, bitching with Maria Hill, some such. 

Okay, Mrs. Aborgast's point pose here is absolutely hilarious. 

They're major up until issue 33.... and it's difficult to know where they appear after that. But I will find out. 

I'll post the rest soon. 

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