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Just to note: We have been told only to accept news from ACTUAL DC sources, so take these with a pinch of salt, yeah?
Comicbook has some news about the new titles coming out in September,

" A new title starring Superman written by Grant Morrison.

Birds of Prey #1 - This new ongoing series will not feature the work of longtime "BoP" writer Gail Simone. In fact, many tried and true approaches to books will be getting a second look at DC in September.

Teen Titans #1 - The new start for the teen team will be written by "Red Robin" scribe Fabian Nicieza. UPDATE: Nicieza has come out publicly saying he is not writing the Titans, however the other consistent word CBR News has heard is that writer Scott Lobdell will be involved with the franchise. Either way, expect to see many old friends from DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras' Marvel days working on DC's new books.

Justice Society of America #1 - Only one of a number of current titles that will welcome a creative team shift, the future of the original superhero team will apparently not involve current writer Marc Guggenheim.

Wonder Woman #1 - Don't expect the recent changes from writer J. Michael Straczynski to stick when the Amazing Amazon sees another new #1 hit.

Green Lantern #1 - Even with a new #1, Green Lantern remains in Johns' hands, and readers can expect the effects of major crossovers like "Blackest Night" to stay in place moving forward.

Hawkman #1 - While fans have known a "Hawkman" series by James Robinson has been in the works since the writer mentioned it on a panel at New York Comic Con, Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston has been reporting the rumor that the book will be drawn by "Batman & Robin" and "Outsiders" artist Philip Tan.

Aquaman #1 - No surprises here. The already announced series featuring the sea king by Johns and Ivan Reis will be part of the relaunch wave."

Heard a rumour, just a rumour mind you, that the reason why Birds of Prey might not necessarily be in the same format as before might be because Barbara is becoming Batgirl again. Though, that is just a rumour.

Oh, and look! Wonder Woman is getting ANOTHER reboot. As it Aquaman. I wonder if they keep the kinda Namorish approach they seem to have in Flashpoint.

Oh, and speaking of Rumours...

Flashpoint ends with Lois and Clark's marriage being erased by Barry messing with the timeline! And he gets together with Wonder Woman!

The writer of the article admits that that particular rumour is more than a little stupid, was interested in what you lot had to say. I know that I have a joke in mind, though I'm going to put in the strip I'm working. Heh.

For legality, the full-sized JLA picture,

EDIT: What the heck's going on with Vic's chin? Can it shoot lasers?
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