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You thought the nightmare was over fans of Cassandra Cain? You thought that Adam Beechen was done with the character? GUESS AGAIN! The nightmare returns for the first three issues of Batgirl vol. 2!! Oh and glorified Cass nudity of Batman & the Outsiders #3 (though from the trade).

Well, after that brief period of good writing I've returned to deliver you nothing but PAIN and SUFFERING. I present to you.. the first part of the Batgirl mini written by Adam Beechen!!

Cass then interrogates a poor thug into revealing the name of their employer, "Armand Lester" (some alias of David Cain's). Meanwhile:

Cass tries sneaking around the Batcave to use the Bat-computer, only for Dick to interrupt her because he thinks she's up to something EVIL. He won't even let Cass explain herself because of her EVIL intentions. Okay, why is Dick acting like a dick when he stuck his neck out for Ravager?

Anyway, Batman and Robin (Tim) stop Nightwing and explain to him the entire villainous career of Cass. Why yes folks I give you once more.. the WALL OF EXPOSITION:

So many.. words. TO MUCH! It's too much for a normal human being to withstand! *falls over then claws his way back up* Somewhere amongst all that text Cass gets a list of places "Armand Lester" owns. We get a key insight into her mindset at the moment:

#1 ends with Cass finding a room with some of her "sisters" murdered by another "sister".

We then get the origin of Cass's long lost "sister". She was pretty much trained like Cass save for she got a mind of her own early on and decided to kill Poppa Cain the first and best chance she could. The fight continues as we get these sprinkles of her origin.

And with that move Cass has her long enough to reason that they're after the same pair. For now they decide to part ways but meet back later to continue their hunt. It's then Cass notices the blood on the back of her head isn't her own. She returns to the Bat-Cave to use the computer:

Cass then gets a new lead. Oh and yes I'm skipping all the stuff with her "love interest" in this story. It's pointless other than to further cement Cass being able to read and speak better. Yeah also if you didn't get the hints already Beechen appeared to think this was going to be the start of an ongoing. But unlike Batman Beyond this utterly bombed.

So anyway Cass meets back at the same place she met her "sister" earlier.

Their captor happens to be Ravager also looking to kill her daddy.

While the three gals discuss daddy killing they're interrupted by a squad of steroid enhanced daughters of Cain amongst that:

Wow Dick, way to be a dick. As for the fight:

We learn soon after Marque has a Mr. Zsaaz thing going on marking every kill she takes by her arm. The three trace the one daughter who escaped the fight from before to a training center. The three got the element of surprise right? Um...

So there's the first three issues of the Cass mini. Next-up Cass and Rose vs. Slade, the complete ruin of David Cain, daughter vs. father, and Cassandra Wayne? Still I did promise someone a scan of the trade. So here it is!

Date: 2011-06-03 06:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jaybee3
The non-success of the Batgirl mini at least meant we were spared more of Beechan wrecking her.

I am still mystified why they gave him a Cassandra Cain mini-series (the one single writer most likely to piss off the fanbase that would buy anything with Cass in it), I have heard some people think it was DC (and Beechan)'s way for trying to make up for Evil Cass...but I ain't buying. DC rarely openly "apologizes" for any bad editorial move (if they did the Marvel Family or Wonder Woman might be first in line) and Beechan seemed more determined to do a "Take That" to his detractors and try to justify every single screw-up he made (hence the many Walls of Exposition) than to do a heroic super-hero story to redeem Cass. I mean when the very first thing he has her do is going back to KILLING people (especially her father who she loves in anything non-Beechan written) then you start with fail and go down from there. It's no wonder that the Batgirl mini-series only started tanking after the first issue was released. The first issue itself had numbers comparable to the end of Cass's series (20,000+) despite the fact Beechan was writing it.

And going back to Beechan not doing his homework on the character (what was his excuse this time), Cass is a slob, she throws things all over the place, no place she slept for any length of time (even for just a few hour) would look neat and un-lived in. Alfred knows this - he's the one who usually cleaned up after her (both when she had her own Batcave and when Bruce gave her an apartment). Her messiness was one of her more consistent traits...until Beechan started writing her.

Date: 2011-06-03 11:29 am (UTC)
wizardru: Hellboy (Default)
From: [personal profile] wizardru
"I am still mystified why they gave him a Cassandra Cain mini-series (the one single writer most likely to piss off the fanbase that would buy anything with Cass in it)"

Well, if Tom Brevoort is to be believed, it's because an angry fanbase buys comics more than a happy one. Which is sad, if true.

Date: 2011-06-03 12:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daningram.insanejournal.com
The smart question would be if is they keep buying. Comics have never sold worse, and editors seem to want to piss fans off more and more. Maybe there's a connection there?


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