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About the new Batgirl book: A Scan From Batman: The Return

Being a big fan of Stephanie Brown, I've been in a bit of a state of despair, but then I saw this panel on tumblr, wondering what people thought.

It's pretty blatant..." Here's a program that will enable you to "use your legs" again, and yet they haven't shown anything about it, per se - UNTIL a few months later BAM we have an image of Babs in the batsuit on the cover of a book. And here Bruce saying she can customize it however she wants, so, it doesn't have to look like the picture hence why her Batgirl costume on the released cover is different, but has some of the same..piping and look. What do you think? Do you think this new Batgirl book will actually be about Digital!Babs being Bruce's ghost in the machine and DC has taken the opportunity of her returning to "action" from being Oracle took the opportunity to over hype it as her "grand return" when it's not as...rebooty as one might think, just a new role for Barbara Gordon and a return to action.

Gail Simone has been rather outspoken about the response to the news, and there are times it seems it is indeed a true reboot given her comments, but then, there are times certain comments seem like they are trying to assuage fears but editorially not give too much information away as to pop the media bubble since it's getting LOTS of media attention. Part of me can't decide if I'm frustrated with her or am incredibly sympathetic for she now having to deal with the concerns of Stephanie and Casandra and backlash from Disability groups while still sitting on full details she can't reveal. She seems stuck between a rock and a hard place with it and has to kind of...censor what she says until she can say more?

What do you think? Why would Morrison have this if it was not going to be used? Is this just DC being extremely sneaky in advertising and by looks of it, getting exactly the result they wanted.

Thoughts? I'd hate to think this concept was scrapped so quickly, why else would they include it?
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I've decided to ignore everything on the internet until August and just cautiously hang around Marvel, whose pile of crap is more managable.
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