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A Certain Pair Cameo in the New Young Justice Episode...

Mini-review, so spoilers.

There were two main plotlines in today's episode, with a story involving mainly Roy Harper trying to work out who is trying to kill the negotiator for a peace agreement between the DCU versions of North and South Korea.

And the other involved Superboy and Megan beginning their integration into human society by signing up to the local high school, where they meet a number of characters you can kind of recognise from both the Teen Titans tv show and the comics.

You might recognise these two, for example,

Overall, I thought that it was a fairly good episode, with the school stuff balancing out the political intrigue of Lex and the League of Shadows pretty well. The references to the Teen Titans in Conner and Megan’s school were pretty cute, and I liked the shows depictions of Ra’s and Lex. The Cass Cain/Artemis parallels continue to grow, with a definate David Cain/Lady Shiva vibe being produced whenever the two are together, amongst other things. We’ll see where that plotpoint is going, I guess.

For legality, here is a picture commissioned by Wizard Magazine of Cass and Babs getting into a fight.
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In the picture above? No. But we do find both Superboy and M'Gann's secret ID's in this episode.
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Also, it's becoming more and more obvious that M'Gann watched huge amounts of fifties sitcoms. "You're...carrying my books?"
*Blank Superboy stare.*
"...Yes. Did you want them to get all wet?"
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heh, too clever writing for their own good. Excellent post.
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Yeah, I like that idea too. All other races that tend to appear in comics and/or tv with Earth directly involved are either too primitive for space travel or long dead. And you've managed to make M'gann interesting to me now that you've put it like that- I've never really read any title with her in. I've been a little bit sceptical of her and Artemis as the only female characters on the team so far, probably because I liked Raven and Starfire on the Teen Titans show.

The way they're building up the plot is very good too and everything is done very realistically- ultimate-verse(ish), except kid friendly. I was a little surprised to see a North/South Korea allegory in it -.-' but I think it could be in a lead up to a Luthor presidency.
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Yep, hopefully it'll fade away like most early character gags do and only be used for irony.