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Comes a King in the North

Four pages from FABLES 106, the final chapter of the "Super Team" arc...

Last issue ended with the North Wind challenging the Dark Man to a fight. The first nine pages of this issue are devoted to that fight, as two god-like powers collide. Mr. North sacrifices himself to destroy the both of them, as was his intent from the start.

The rest of the issue then is an epilogue of sorts, showing the rest of the characters coming to terms with what happened.

Also, we find out the identity of Rose Red's mysterious benefactor: It's the embodiment of Hope, another one of the Great Powers like the Dark Man or the North Wind. Previously, Rose (and Snow before her) knew her as the "ghost" of Colin Pig.

Elsewhere, Bigby comes to grips with his father's sacrifice.

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I only klicked this post to write the exact same thing.

The King in the North!