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[personal profile] jazzypom requested "Wanda/Captain America where she mind 'roofies him'" and I just so happened to have these issues: Captain America and the Falcon #6 and #7, part of Avengers Disassembled. Five full pages, one partial page and one cover from one issue, three full pages and one partial page from the next.

Cover: Wanda and Cap kiss

Cap and the Falcon have got themselves into a big mess involving Naval intelligence and a Super-Sailor, and have found what they think is a deadly bio-engineered virus. Wanda and Hank Pym show up to help.

Wanda communicates with Steve out of time

Later, Sam has had to run from Navy helicopters and Steve is taking a cab to the Wakandan embassy, as the Wakandans are going to help work out what's going on with the virus they found. Things start to go a bit strange.

Cap has weird visions

Steve has visions of WWII including Bucky's death, and punches out the window of the cab to get away. Feeling a bit better, he goes to the Wakandan embassy. Wanda is there helping Hank Pym and Steve has another vision of Bucky's death and being in the ice. Wanda shakes him and asks what's wrong.

Cap and Wanda make out

Should Wanda and Cap kiss more?

More kissing

The next morning, Wanda has been sleeping on Cap's couch and is wearing his underwear. He makes her coffee and she talks about being a starving Gypsy (the word she uses) kid and never feeling safe.

Wanda drinks coffee

Wanda is not a child

Cap starts to have weird flashbacks again - this time he's been pulled out of the ice, but he's not breathing. Fortunately, someone knows CPR...

Wanda knows CPR!

Later that day, they meet up at the Avengers building, and Cap runs over to say hello and tries to kiss Wanda. Wanda does not react as he expects.

Wanda says no.

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I like the way you think. :D


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