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Got wood?

It's been a light week for comics for me and the postie hasn't delivered my Casanova or DMZ yet. Boo to that.

So, here's some clippings from Brian Wood's Public Domain sketchbook, with lots of drawings and design work arranged in no thematic or chronological order.

Your mind is a weapon. Use it.
I might put that up in my classroom.

And from Local #5. You should buy the hardback edition because a) it's totally value for money, b) it's a very good, rich story, c) the art is lovely and d) I'm not sure that I own a book that looks better on my shelf.

Local follows a young woman, Megan, around America and a bit of Canada as she finds herself. Each issue is a different location and a different done in one story, all feeding into the larger arc. Today, we're in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Megan works at a cinema.

Megan has an reinvention issue in this instalment.
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[personal profile] chocochuy 2011-06-24 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Interesting pictures. They seem kinda "Neo Noir" to me.
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Man, I remember going to the Oxford. So much better than a multiplex.
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Man, he has every last detail of the Oxford down, too. It looks just like the place!
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This looks way cool....
Though forgive me, when she said Megan, I thought of M'gann.

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You know, I have the first three trades of DMZ--I feel like I should like them, and they're up my alley, but after getting that third one I realized that I was kinda cold on the whole thing. I wonder if I'm missing something about his writing.
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Nice faces.
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OK, that Brian Wood stuff is gorgeous, and it reminds me not a little of the work of Danijel Žeželj.