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The first arc of [Justice League] takes place 5 years in the past and serves as a Year One story for the Justice League. In story, up until this point, there have been no 'super-heroes', just super powered individuals who have sometimes been viewed with suspicion. By banding together, the Justice League wants to show the world that they are deserving the moniker of super-hero.

This sounds an awful lot like DC took it's cues from the X-Men with this approach.

The first arc will detail Superman's public debut. At this point, Dan Didio went on a tangent to explain that DC wanted to let go of the past and move forward. Any changes in continuity would be addressed in-story as needed, but that they really didn't want to get bogged down so these reveals would be gradual and as they make sense in the story. There is a document in the DC offices that fleshes out exactly what has and hasn't happened in the New 52 Universe. As an example, the Death of Superman storyline has occurred.

And this sounds an awful lot like how Marvel was defending Spider-Man: One More Day.

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