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Newsarama has the preview of #7, and it starts off in a place extremely different (but just as dangerous) as Gotham City. Where it's not the shadows and the claustraphobia of towering spires, but the hazy light and the bleak emptiness that rule.

How will the Batman fare here?

*Fair warning, not for the faint of heart.

Last page is a punch in the gut for me, don't know about you guys.

About the hero thing:

Sometimes it's saving the planet, sometimes it's saving the big city, sometimes it's saving the girl.

But sometimes it's the small fights, to curb the human chaos from overtaking good people.
To do what you can for your community.

Man-of-Bats does not have the glamour nor the wealth to show for it, but I give the guy as much respect and brass to do the super-hero-costume thing, because it's small victories that make life better every day, and the losses hurt that much more.

I like how this guy is *part* of the community, one of the people. Not hiding in plain sight, but the opposite. Not only do they talk to Man-of-Bats, but they know him and respect him as a full grown adult walking around in costume (with his son, no less, under his wing). They take the man and what he represents seriously.

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Reminds me of a couple similar Spider-Man stories.


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