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Batman: Year One trailer, and news on the Catwoman short that'll be on on the DVD as well

While in other news, joining ranks along with the Spectre, Jonah Hex, and Green Arrow, Catwoman'll be getting a 15 minute cartoon to accompany the main movie on the DVD.

The synopsis,

"In Catwoman, the femme fatale tangles with crime boss Rough Cut (a brand-new character created for this short, voiced by Futurama‘s John DiMaggio) in a breathless and brutal 15-minute chase through Gotham City tracking down a mysterious cargo shipment."

Selina'll be the first female character to star in a DC Showcase short, and will be the second female character to headline in a DCUniverse movie after Wonder Woman back in her solo movie.

On another note, here is a brief essay thing I've written in defense of the current origin and backstory of Selina. If people are interested and stuff.

For legality, Selina being silly, from Streets of Gotham 19 or so,
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I'd love to see that, but only if they drew from as much of her canon history as possible. At least with Batman: Year One already being out, they'd be able to gloss over that particular prostitute stuff, but I wouldn't want them to ignore that part of her past entirely, especially because that also means getting stuff like her training with Ted Grant.

Shit, just give me a Darwyn Cooke style adaptation of Selina's Big Score and we'd be solid.