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Entertainment Weekly has 15 new Spider-Man pics...

So, they've released some some more images from the forthcoming Spider-Man movie reboot... so what do you think?

Starting with his home life... (That's Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, and Sally Field as Aunt May as well as Andrew Garfield as Peter)

"Oh, hi Uncle Ben, Aunt May, can't talk... eating. Rewriting your own entire genetic code is hungry work you know."

A couple of glamour shots of the costume...

Not enough to make me reconsider my affection for a certain other posterior, but MY that's a NICE Spider-ass

And this I assume is his wrestling pre-costume costume otherwise it's urban rapper-Spidey... (Which I'm sure there MUST have been released as an action figure at some point)

Hmmm, yes, alas, when I see pics like this, I can easily believe that Andrew Garifeld is 28 rather than 16... But since he is VERY pretty it just makes me feel better that he is very, VERY legal for a bit of lusting after.

Okay, I like shots like this...

I also like that the webshooters look like something that he sort of made out of an old digital watch or two...

Rhys Ifans as Dr Connors.

A little UST for Peter and Flash... KISS HIM YOU FOOL!

Something something, Peter grabbing his balls, something something... fill in the blanks as you see fit

Dennis Leary as Captain Stacy

And for legality, the cover to the Lizard's first ever appearance, in Amazing Spider-Man #6

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There was a time when my eyes did not immediately seek out a character's butt.

Come to think, I'm pretty sure that time ended right around the day I discovered scans_daily. Hmm....
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On the other hand, my corruption at the hands of scans_daily made me really appreciate Ryan Reynold's... portrayal in Green Lantern!