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I'm not sure I want to get it...

I've had this scanned for a few weeks just looking for time to post it but this comic strip/Mini-Wheats ad just leaves me perplexed and slightly disturbed.


Either this is part of an ongoing series of ads that I was unaware of this fails at every level of logical story telling. Not to mention the only vaguely coherent explanation I got to explain that woman's expression is that she wants to sex up anthropomorphic cereal. Is rule 34 a valid advertising technique now?

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Not as creepy as the Burger King commercials...

[personal profile] sleepymax 2011-07-15 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
That is pretty odd...

On a related note, I can never get past those cartoon characters who have hands and feet but no arms or legs.
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"Making morning more fun!"

By.. having sex with you?

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It's a variation of "You had me at 'hello'." It's from Jerry Maguire but may have been used earlier than that. Basically it's an affectionate request for a pursuer to stop needlessly rationalizing a desire to form a relationship because the one being pursued welcomes the overture.

Which means she doesn't need encouragement to eat him. Or something. Uhhh.
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A lonnnnng time ago on a BBS far far away, some persons who shall remain safely anonymous for their own sanity came up with ideas for "the Erotic Adventures of Mr. Mini-Wheat." .....We're considering suing Kelloggs for stealing our idea ^_~ (jk)
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Maybe I watched too many pop-tart commercials or whatever those other ones are where people smile and talk creepily to the food, but her hello was less sexy and more, "come hop in with me. I promise not to eat you. ♥ ".

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maybe it is just me, but when my breakfast serial starts talking to me I can't help but think I need to look into getting on some anti-psychotics.
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Then they fucked.