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I've never been a big fan of all the Chuck Austen hate. Was he really that bad? Well... maybe. Polaris going batshit crazy and actually being Magneto's daughter are some of the bigger problems. But some of the special dislike is for "The Draco." But there's a very good scene in Part One of the story.

Chuck Austen is mentioning Silver Age elements of how Xavier used to have little problem with using his mental powers for less then "perfectly moral" reasons. Xavier using his powers so the bad guys will forget what they were doing and go home was used a couple of times in the early issues. Cain smacking Charles when they first met was in the first Juggernaut story, UNCANNY X-MEN #12.

Well, when you put it like that...

This is a powerful page, because the Juggernaut is absolutely right. Xavier left him under a mountain for decades. It is something we knew and yet... never really thought about.

In the original story, the "Reds" shelling the area causes the cave to collapse. Has that been updated to Cain's transformation causing the collapse?

Kurt Marko being an abusive dick is relatively knew. I think it was first revealed in UNCANNY X-MEN #309 that he beat Sharon Xavier. Kurt beating Cain and Charles might be totally new for this story.

So... not everything Chuck Austen did on his UNCANNY run was mind-numbingly bad. Just wanted to say that.

Comic Book Resources cleared up on major "flaw" with "The Draco."

If only I could return to Earth. I know! I’ll go to Earth and do something to allow myself to one day return to Eart…wait a second…

One of the plot points of “The Draco” that gets mocked a lot, and I think a bit unfairly so, is the whole bit about how Azazel impregnated women on Earth so that when they got older he could manipulate them into using their teleportation powers to bring him back to Earth. A lot was written about how it was silly that Azazel went to Earth so that he could one day have kids who could bring him to…Earth.

However, that was not his plan, really. His plan was to bring his entire army of demonic mutants back to Earth (after they had been driven to this hell-like dimension centuries ago), so the fact that he alone could visit Earth himself once or twice wasn’t the point…
that said, Chuck Austen sure doesn’t make that very clear in the comic, including this bit that definitely makes it sound like Azazel just wants to get back to Earth himself (in which case, why did he leave in the first place? If he was forced to return, they never say as much in the comic itself)…
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