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Now, I've pondered this before, and something about Red Robin's new costume was familiar, but I couldn't place it...

Now at first I thought Marvel's Falcon, and then I thought about Seeker of the Spaceknights, but it was neither of those, THEN, being the compulsive Robin-phile that I am, I remembered THIS, a Robin redesign that George Perez did ten years ago when someone asked him how he'd redesign Robin's outfit, and I think he felt this was the last one he was going to do for a while....

Look familiar? Yes, I thought it might...

My usual ten minute paint.net job with it, led me to this rough and ready colourisation (And I cheerfully admit that I SUCK at shading and off humble apologies to Mr Perez for this chromatic hack job...)

What do you think? Pure coincidence, or maybe slightly inspired by this? (Admittedly the colours I've used are chosen to match the new Red Robin outfit, rather than what Mr Perez might have been imagining, which would I hope have included SOME green which I still think should be a requirement for a Robin outfit)

Oh, and simply because I've always loved this image and never really thought about posting it before and don't think I'll have any ACTUAL suitable post for it, a little Sailor Moon art which was an insert in Manga 14.


Date: 2011-07-18 03:25 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mullon
Why the Hell does he have wings? Robin doesn't fly? Why does he need to fly?


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