Date: 2011-07-27 11:25 pm (UTC)
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It's as plausible as everything else about the character.

Which is the more likely explanation, that a character when through a major change off-screen that is not the least bit alluded to, even through a throwaway line, or a writer who hasn't written a character in more than 10 years forgot how to write said character?

The former, by a significant margin. I don't even consider it as "major change", just a matter of semantic convenience and brevity for him.

He's either A) decided that in human terms he IS gay and consciously chooses to identify as such or B) has taken the perfectly human reaction to being asked for the umpteenth time if he's gay and decided to cut out the accurate but somewhat highfalutin' "Your Earthling terms of sexuality do not accurately describe me, I am not "gay"" and decided; You know, I'm TIRED of explaining things at length to people whose opinion has little interest to me. "Yes, I'm gay, now go away, I'm with my boyfriend".
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