Date: 2011-07-28 06:25 pm (UTC)
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On the scale of "unnecessarily objectifying" I would argue a skintight costume at least has some practically for a gymnast, compared to a corset and miniskirt and NOTHING ELSE. Nobody is saying that Harley's old costume WASN'T provocative. It was just provocative and objectifying in a whole different way (and IMO in a lesser degree) than her new one.

And while I think Ivy can be drawn unnecessarily a lot of the times, she's a completely different character than Harley. Ivy is more like a "femme fatale" who uses sex to get what she wants. Harley isn't really a "sexy" character. She's supposed to be deranged, unhinged, yet somehow goofy. I think the new costume tries too hard to cater to the first two points and ignores the third.
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