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The Improved Archie (Part 2)

Four scans from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #2, continuing our merry romp through Archie Comics as written by James M. Cain.

Contains cussin', nudity, and intimations of violence.


So, last time, the adult Riley Richards (Archie) discovered that his wife Felix (Veronica) was cheating on him with childhood nemesis Teddy (Reggie); while visiting him hometown, Riley also reconnected with Lizzie (Betty), and believes that the only way to escape the rut he's in and recapture his youth (as well as head off Felix divorcing him and taking all her money with her) is to kill his wife.

First, a few more flashbacks to the good old days:


In the present, Riley puts his plan into motion. He drives up to Brookview (his home town) to help his mother move out of their old house, and pals around with Freakout (Jughead), his recovering drug addict friend. He tricks Freakout into relapsing, leaving him passed out from marijuana, and then drives back to town, where he knows Felix will be having an illicit rendezvous with Teddy while he's supposed to be out of town.

He monologues a bit more as he enters the apartment.