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Without explaining how the main character got here!

Because why doesn't a sword through her spine hurt her? And where does faux-Diana come from? And what the hell is going on?

ummm how is it not explained... i did leave out two pages for limit reasons but it pretty much explains it there... The morrigan let leak a plan to attack Paradise Island. Diana interecepted, felled one of the Triumverate, but turns out it was all a trick to get diana there. The sword didn't kill Diana because her sword essentially infected her (it does look like it hurts though) clotho explained in a previous issue that in her final battle they managed to save a strand of her life line (and turned it into her new lasso).

Then Nemisis explains (in one of the missing pages) that she can feel a part of Diana is missing (this would be the strand Clotho saved) She then goes about destroying paradise Island because she does not want Diana to have any support and have to be forced to live in Man's world, thinking that in living in the "squalor" of this place would sour her towards them, leaving her weak enough for Nemesis to eventually take her over.

so it IS explained. too see clotho's explaination look for one of my previous posts... I think its explained pretty well
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