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Greetings True Believers!

Here are some pages and panels from X-Men: Schism #2 that I enjoyed.

I consider this mini-event to be fair so far.


The X-Men are dealing with the world-wide activiation of Sentinels.

I like this page because it makes sense for the X-Men to work this way and the part about Fantomex made me laugh.

It turns out that 75% of the sentinels are defective or malfunctioning. The new Hellfire Club saw to that.

Kitty and Rogue are in Iran to deal with a rampaging Sentinel.

Ha. You tell'em Kitty.

And Scott's ongoing bro-fist with Logan continues when Quentin Quire surrenders to the X-Men. Scott lies to Steve Rogers about having him. Insisting that Quire must be tried by a jury of his peers. Logan disagrees with the decision.

Emma slaps Quire's wrist, so to speak.

There is a Museum of Mutant History is opening in SF and Scott sends a delegation. Scott calls it a peace delegation, Logan, watching from a bar calls it something different.

Look at Emma's costume from the second to last panel and this one. Looks like Emma decided to have a "show of force" of her own. :D

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I was thinking taller, brunette pre-serum Steve Rogers, myself, but that works too. Actually, that probably works better, because (in the new movie at least, other versions may disagree), Steve was a seriously skinny little bugger, but he at least didn't seem to be *quite* at the point of walking skeleton; he was at least somewhat proportional in his tininess, unlike third page first panel Cyclops (who is kind of scary looking). Two different types of thin male body type, you know? (cannot unsee Machinist mental images now, gah)


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