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Amazing Spiderman #666

People in New York are being bit and waking up with Spider-powers. Not all of them Spider-man powers, but spider related.

We get a LOT of the players who will be involved in this story.

And we get hints at the henchmen, and a teaser about the Big Bad for Spider Island event.

And while I fan-hate Carlie, I can't help but wonder where this is going.

I will follow this.

Spidey helps out Firestar and her amazing friends.
Then plays poker with the Avengers, hangs out with the FF, and spars the new Madame Web and Shang Chi. Meanwhile, the supporting cast move closer so that they can be a part of this event as the contagion begins to spread.

(Honestly, it's like watching a chess game. A good one.)

And now the villains....

Miles Warren, the Jackal, and his clones.

Who ever was in the chamber gets mutated further.

So the big ugly yellow spider brute thing is none other than Kaine the Spider-clone.
The white one is also someone else we know... Ezekiel? Someone else?

And it looks like the Jackal isn't behind the grand scheme. A villainess who controls spiders is behind of all this?

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