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JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #20 came out in February, and covered Max Lord's motivations. How he went from "manipulative but decent" to "shoot Ted Kord in the head."
A teenaged Max comes home and finds his father dead from an apparent suicide. Max's mother has a different opinion.

"...good people are going to get hurt."

Some years later, Max has dealt with the men responsible for his father's death (it is deliberately vague) but has failed to buy ChemTech from Lex Luthor. Rebecca Lord suggests that if Max wants to fight villains , he should do just that. Then...

"You bleed while you do it?"

I'm not seeing Max as a "momma's boy" here. Just that his mother gave him advice when he needed it, and he may have misinterpreted it. Then...

Continuity alert! Booster's suit was wrecked from the fight with Doomsday at this time. He did get a new one, but it looked a lot different. I don't know how he got his old suit back later. But as DC doesn't care about continuity, why should I?
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