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Once upon a time, during a second series relaunch, there was a OYL story arc that involved Catwoman getting preggers and temporarily retiring the Catwoman role. During the time that she was a mum, she handed over the mantel to her best friend (Holly Robinson), who was a competent fighter at best, but lacked the experience of the original Catwoman.

One day, our heroine, Holly, got caught by an insane copper obsessed with arresting Catwoman for the murder of Black Mask (a case no other cop gave two shits about, I might add). Of course, our heroine doesn't fully understand what's going on, but takes the fall for her best friend anyway despite her innocence. Selina bails Holly out of jail, but Holly isn't fully off the hook yet! Given that Holly's arrest is still on police record, Selina needs a little help from a skilled computer hacker to wipe her name from the GCPD database.

Her first thought is Oracle of course, given that she is the best info broker of the hero community, but Selina soon realises that seeking Oracle's help would mean having to admit to killing Black Mask. Rather than risk Baby Helena having her mum in jail, she seeks the help of Calculator instead. But Calculator wants a favour in return, and thus our story begins!

From Catwoman #64 - #65:

reload image

Catwoman then travels to Metropolis by train and goes to a tour of LexCorp in disguise. Sometime during the tour she sneaks away and successfully breaks into the basement vault of the building. After fighting a few giant robots and surviving a few explosions, she arrives at her destination:

reload image

But then, a surprise visit from Luthor himself...or is he?

reload image

Dun dun dun!

After Luthor reiterates that the Metropolis snow globe doesn't belong to Catty, an brutal and bloody battle ensues, tearing away most of LuthorBot's face, if not all of it.

reload image

(Added this next one for the obvious allusion to a Gotham Girls episode):

reload image

And thus Selina discovered Baldie's time machine, which will come in handy later on in our story, but for now, More LexCat fight:

reload image

reload image

After setting up LuthorBot to explode, Selina makes use of the time machine to got back to four seconds ago to escape impact--just enough time for LuthorBot to explode--and upon return, she escapes through a hole in he ceiling.

Just when she thought her troubles were over, she runs into the man of steel himself!

reload image

reload image

reload image

All that shit for a $5 snow globe, but it did help get Holly's name off of the GCPD database!
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