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Mike Carey's "The Unwritten" #1

Scans from Mike Carey's new fantasy series for Vertigo, The Unwritten.

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Tommy Taylor is the young, Harry Potter-ish hero of an extremely popular series of children's books.

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Tom Taylor is the now adult inspiration for the character, and the son of the missing author. He makes a living on the convention circuit. He's polite to his fans, but he's uncomfortable living in the shadow of his father's creation--the young "him" who never existed.
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But Tom is more fictional than he realizes.

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Tom's life quickly becomes much more complicated.

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This looks like a promising series, especially if you're a book nerd (like I am). The first issue is only $1 for 32 pages, so it's worth the look!

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That DOES look good. I need to go get this now.

*looks at her wallet and whimpers*

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I like the Tommy Con logo XD.

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Mike Carey and Peter Gross together again. I am so tempted to pick this up!

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Do it do it do it! Even if you decide not to stick around for more, the first issue is only a buck. I assure you, there's at least $1 worth of entertainment between the front and back cover.

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To bad it's DC, this guy and Patsy Walker could share stories. Then the could be visited by the real Christopher Robin (or his ghost, I dont know if he's still alive) and listen to his take on the matter.

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I've been interested in this series since I've heard of it, but having the Books of Magic artist drawing it is seriously going to wig me out. I know it's supposed to be a Harry Potter analog but I'm definitely seeing Tim Hunter...

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As Tim predates Harry, that's as it should be, no?

That's a nice bit of Lampshade Hanging ( right there with the Tim Hunter and Worse Witch references thrown in.

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Yay, the Worst Witch!
I used to absolutely adore those books.
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A year or two ago, I went to see a production of "Women of Troy", and was delighted to find that the Queen was played by the marvellous Kate DuchĂȘne, late of the "Miss Hardbroom" role.

I always shunned that wanky fanboy idea that she would make a great couple with Snape. Snape is the pale, ripoff imitation of her. She would OWN his ARSE.

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I really don't remember. May have to go do some, um, research though I know my copies of the books went up into the loft a long time since.

Though I'm still supporting Snape. *waves flag*

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Hmm, that is an intriguing start. Is he going to end up being the "real" tommy taylor after all I wonder? Gonna keep an eye on this, it might be something I'd want to pick up in trade.

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Oo, looks interesting. And apologetic Count Ambrosio is awh.

It's reminding me a bit of the April-origin story in the the Mirage Vol.3 Turtles, but since I never got to read where that went, that's no problem!

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I saw this at my LCS, considered picking it up, realized I only had $5 and could only get what I came there for. I should have checke dthe price, because now I really wish I had it...

Looks interesting. Do you know who the cover artist is?

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KCL represent! \o/